1. Is it safe to download files from here?

Nothing serious can happen to you or your computer, we have taken care of our files at the highest level, and no one can slow them down.
You can be assured that no viruses are contained in our files, we are of this kind of risks, protecting our files.

2. Is it safe to run Download Concerts Downloader Wizard from here?

Yes, our Wizard will never breake or damage the computer. We were tested our files to protect you from that.
It is our ultimate goal to get your safety and the complete process thru Wizard. It was created specially for us by proffesionals.

3. Are there any restrictions with our Wizard?

No, there are no limits to our files. We wanted to give all the fiels for those who can’t afford to get originals.
Have you ever felt that you want soo badly single concert but you can’t afford it or you never find it ? Now you can, with our website.

4. How long does it take to download each dvd?

It depends on your speed conection and of course your computer. Generally, it takes a few seconds to get an Wizard program file with
Instructions files, and up to 45 minutes to download dvd files from our servers (we have no limits on our server, whatever badwitch you have on the internet to address it to our server)
However, the entire installation game should take about 1 hour (depending on DVD size).

5. Is there a risk that I will be blocked?

No, there is no possibility exists. We back up our files so that no one had access to them except you after the Wizard.
This is why our files are free and can be played without restrictions.

6. Do I need online connection while playing dvd?

No, you dont need to have connection whiile playing dvd, when you downloaded it, you can play it when you want. You got files on your HDD.

7. Do I need to register?

No, you do not need to register anywhere, and it is not required. Our files are not only for registered users, the files are for all. You need simply find your concert, download Wizard for it, and wait for end of wizard. After that, you got it ! No need to torrent or seach anyplace on whole world, it is simple here.